Happy Anniversary and... She's Two!

Two years ago
we were sitting in
a church in Virginia
witnessing the marriage
of my son Justin
and his wife Maggie.

Across the country,
at the very same time,
  a baby girl was born.

A few months later,
the paths of those two families crossed 
in a way neither of them would have ever imagined.
A child who was born to one family
was destined to belong to the other.   
And yes, I will probably
say that every year on her birthday 
because I will always
 continued to be
amazed that she was born
the same day that Justin
and Maggie were married,
while the ceremony was taking place!

She's two years old today.
She's grown.
We've grown.
We love her more
than we could ever,
ever, have imagined.

How do you love
a child you didn't give birth to?
A child who is not your flesh and blood?
 With all your heart, 
 that's how.     

Happy birthday,
Lexi Madeline! 


Sweet girl loves her pasta and meat sauce!
She's not that fond of plates, though.



 We promise to throw you
a "real" party when 
our remodeling project
is finished.
Cross your fingers that it will be soon!  
Happy birthday, sweet girl!
You amaze us every single day.
We love you to the moon and back.    


  1. Happy birthday, Sugar Plum! Love Miss Lexi's messy face pics!

  2. Such a sweet, sweet blessing she is. I'm so glad she is feeling better and could enjoy her birthday eats!

    You guys all look great!

  3. Beautiful! Happy birthday to a gorgeous blue eyed girl!