Merry, Merry (Christmas post # 2)

So basically I am really
far behind in blogging
Shocking, I know
but I am committed 
to catching up.

I'm working on it!

One Saturday in December
we had the opportunity to
have breakfast with Santa 
at Lila's school.
So fun.
I didn't get many photos
but we had such a nice time.
One of Lila's classmates
wanted us to sit with them,
so we did.
Lila hugged her about 
10 times.
We really need to work on that hugging thing.   
And her mama told me,
"My daughter just loves Lila!"  
We still have to work on the hugging. 
We had a great time.

After we left the school
we headed out to get our
Christmas tree.
There's nothing like
a little Christmas tree lot
in the middle of a forest.
Oh, how I love where we live!

Choosing a tree is serious business.
Lexi wants us to just pick one already!
So we did!


When we got home
Nick took the girls hiking.
I couldn't go because of my knee.
Don't mention it. 
 Sore subject. 

The next day was 
tree decorating day
and we woke up
to this.

I had been hoping that
there would be snow 
on the ground when 
we decorated our tree.
And Christmas music
playing in the background.
And the smell of comfort food
cooking in the oven.
Think Thomas Kincade painting.
OK, so I'm a bit of a sap. 

Laugh if you will, 
but we made it happen. 

Then Lila made it clear that
she didn't know who
Thomas Kincade was,
nor did she care.
She was D-O-N-E. 

She took a little
sensory break while
we finished decorating
the tree.
Thankfully, she
 rallied long enough
to top the tree
with the angel
we've had since
Tif and Justin
were little.

Did I mention she
is a glass angel? 

She survived.

 You might notice that we 
have no ornaments at
the top of the tree.
That happens when
you have little people
doing the decorating.

Well, until the tree
falls over in the middle
of the night.  Then
there are no
 ornaments at all.
Oy vey.  

Merry, Merry!

I'll be back soon with 
photos of at least one
more Christmas party
and memories of
a wonderful
Christmas with family.
Did I mention that 
Justin and Maggie were here?


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