I'm coming back...

It was a quiet day.
Lila was up much of
last night with 
a stomach bug so
she was weak and 
tired today.

Lexi wasn't feeling
well either.
Nothing I could pinpoint
but she was quiet and clingy.

Our dog is very slowly
recovering from a
growth condition that
almost killed her
last week.
She is on antibiotics,
pain killers and
She needs a lot of
TLC right now.
Thankfully Mimi and Poppy
are here and they are
a huge help.

Today I got to
cuddle with my girls.
I got to watch
Doc McStuffins
Dino Dan.
I actually had time to
read a couple of blogs!
 And I realized how
much I miss blogging.

It's a tough world,
the blogging world.
Just like with anything,
there is ugliness.
Mean people.
People who think
their opinion is the
only opinion that matters.
People that think any
opinion other than theirs
is wrong.
People that not only
pick blog posts apart,
they pick bloggers apart.
If you let it,
it can really get to you.
I let it get to me.

I want to start
blogging again
on a regular basis.
I want to stop
worrying about 
the people who think
I'm too positive,
too Suzy Sunshine,
too much of a

I love to write and
I love taking
pictures of our girls.

 It's time to put
my big girl panties
on and start
blogging again.
I can't wait.



  1. I quit last week. So far, I do not miss it.... but I am glad YOU are back!

  2. Welcome back! I've missed your posts.

  3. I'm in that cyclical blogging funk again myself. No time to write, and I feel like I don't have anything worth writing about lately. Glad you're going back to it. Hopefully I'll find some inspiration soon myself!

  4. So happy to have you back! Maybe disable comments. You do NOT need to hear from the Negative Nancys. No such thing as too positive, can't be too sunshiny and I love Pollyana! Go for it and I can't wait to read more posts and see more pics. Just stay a way from reading the negative responses and buy as many big girl panties as you need! And make 'em sexy while you're at it!

  5. I've always loved your blogposts and I LOVE the pictures of your girls! So....I'm excited you're back!

  6. Your girls are beautiful little blessings ! I love seeing pics and reading about them !