It's National Adoption Day!

When we told
family and friends 
that we were planning to
adopt a baby girl with
Down syndrome, there
were some concerns about how
the adoption would affect 
our Lila girl.




 There have been
other challenges
that have come along with
adopting, but bonding
between Lila and Lexi
certainly hasn't been one of them.

We are blessed.


  1. Tears, oh my goodness, tears!! I love all the pics and seeing the love they have for each other and the love all of you have. What a great eye you have for capturing the moments. I love all of you

  2. thanks for sharing, what an inspiration your daughters are, how honestly they love :-)

  3. thanks for sharing..I have a litle girl, 5 years, and a little boy with Sd..2 years and a half..I really hope they will be best friends during all their life!!!Nadia, Italy

  4. Wow, what great pictures! We have one little girl with DS and having two girls with DS just makes your family extra-blessed! Our little girl was also a pretty princess for Halloween.; best wishes for your journey and if your girls are like our little one, lots of hugs along the way!

  5. You need to make a calendar of the pictures you have, or of other children with Down syndrome as well. I know I've been looking for one for while to no avail. Find me if you're interested. :) <3 or Kimbos Cookies on Face Book.

  6. tears and smiles beautiful girls xxxxxxxxx thank you for sharing your daughters will bring so much love to you and your family best wishes x

  7. Beautiful girls . Amazing story. Thank you for sharing

  8. Stunning! Absolutely amazingly beautiful the pure love they share. Thank you for sharing your blessings with the world!!!!