Never a dull moment...

We were staying
in our pj's last Sunday.
That was the plan.

We were going to
lay low and try to
recover from the 
craziness of the
last couple of weeks.

And then I noticed 
that something was
in Lila's eye.
It was black.
And quite large.

I grabbed my Visine
and had Nick hold her
while I put drops in and
tried to flush her eye out.
 No luck.
We traded places.

Then Nick said he
thought it was a piece
of plastic sequin from
one of my shirts.
I just looked at him
with wide eyes.

He reminded me
that Lila had been
rolling herself up like
a burrito in one 
of the rugs.
She must have needed
a bit of sensory input
I reckon.

Nick said that he 
had seen a few of
those sequins on the
rug but he thought he
had vacuumed them 
all up the day before.
Apparently one had
fallen into
her eye when she
was rolling herself
up into the rug.

We traded places a
couple more times,
trying to get the sequin out.
No luck.

Nick watched Lila while
I got ready to take her
to the doctor.
We wanted to make sure
she didn't rub her eye 
and makes things worse
than they already were.
I have to admit, I
was freaking out.
There was a piece of 
plastic in my daughter's eye
and we couldn't get it out.
And of course it had
to be from one of my shirts.

Lila and I headed to
the doctor.  Her eye didn't
look too bad and she wasn't
really acting like it
was bothering her very much.

When we got to Urgent Care
I showed the shirt to
the nurse and told her
that my daughter had one
of the sequins in her eye.
The nurse looked at me
with the same wide eyes I
had when I looked at Nick.
I told her how it happened
and she said,
"I hope we can get 
it out here at the clinic."
So did I.
I was praying
like crazy.

They called us
back and while the tech
was taking Lila's vitals she
was playing a game 
on her iPad.
All of a sudden 
she said, 
"There it is!
It came out!"
I was very skeptical.
I asked her to
show me.  
It looked like she
was trying to get it 
from her iPad screen
with her fingers and
she was getting 
I couldn't tell
if she was just saying that 
it was out because she
wanted to leave.
She's been known to say
things like that.  : )

And then she handed
me the sequin.
"See?  I told you!"
I asked her to lay
back so that I could
look in her eye.
Sure enough, 
it was gone.
I was so happy
I started crying.
The tech looked 
at me and said,
"That is awesome.
Now we don't have to
do more damage
trying to get it
out of there."

Two doctors came in.
They had heard about
the sequin and figured it
would take both of them
to remove it from
Lila's eye. 
They couldn't believe
it had just fallen
out in their office.

They put numbing drops
in her eye then put some
dye in.
Then they got a
purple light out
and looked in her
eye.  It was pretty
cool.  I would have
taken a photo but I was
holding Lila's hands to try 
and keep her calm.
Her eye was glowing
neon yellow.
It was pretty cool.

They found an abrasion
about 3/4 of an inch long
in her eye. 

Antibiotic eye drops 
for 10 days.
That's it.

My sweet girl
was a trooper,
like always.

Her mama is
very grateful,
as always.

And now, for
a little disclaimer.
Or explanation.
Or something.

When all the commotion
died down and we knew 
that Lila was safe,
I got a text from Justin.
" Since this whole

sequin debacle is over,
I've got a question:
Why in the heck are you
wearing a shirt with
sequins on it?
It's 2013!"

For the record~
 It's a new shirt,
sold at Old Navy,
and it's only 
been worn once.
Old Navy sequin shirt 

I'll probably donate
it very soon.


  1. Omg...I'd have been seriously freaking out, too!!!! Glad it came out without too much extra drama, and glad there's no major damage! Hahaha, love Justin's message!! :-)

  2. Oh my heavens! That was scary! Who knew that something like that could be a problem. Darn Old Navy! I'm glad everything turned out OK. Now I'm going to be on the lookout for similar things in my house.