Good news at the doctor

Our little princess doesn't feel well. She is teething- both of her eye teeth are trying to make their way through. She had a runny nose on Thursday and was a little cranky but wasn't acting sick. We kept her home from school on Friday because of her runny nose but she still didn't seem sick. We hosted a Valentine's Day dinner party on Saturday and right before everyone was scheduled to show up Lila started coughing. A croupy cough. Not good. Apparently easily distracted, our little social butterfly kept everyone entertained all night. Nick and I both noticed that she didn't cough the entire time we had company. (He thinks that she coughs just because it makes me nervous.) On Sunday she coughed off and on during the day and wasn't herself. We took her to the doctor this morning and it turns out she just has a cold. He checked her ears, nose, throat, breathing..... everything checked out okay. This is the very first time that we've taken her to the doctor on a sick visit that she hasn't come home on an antibiotic or Tamiflu. YAY! I know this is a very uneventful post but I'm so excited that she doesn't have an ear infection.

Here are some pictures to make up for the incredibly boring post.

I absolutely love this picture of Lila and her daddy. They clearly adore each other!

Lila & Mommy on Valentine's Day


Me & my first baby!



  1. Linda, not boring! I feel the same way when I hear Aidan cough. It turns to croup so quickly - and we've spent a lot of evenings in emergency with it. I know that sinking feeling/dread - and how happy it can make us when it doesn't develop!

    BTW - great pictures!

  2. The pictures are great! Hope she is feeling better soon.

  3. Awwww. I hope she feels better soon! Glad it's not an ear infection, too. Samantha has two teeth about halfway in right now, too, and she's been particularly cranky.

  4. Uneventful when it comes to being sick is a good thing! Hope they come thru quickly. Or is it already too late for that? :-) I'm glad the pic of the green eyed beauties is back and that is absolutely the best pic I've seen of Nick and Lila. So sweet! Were you and Lila wearing clashing colors, thus the black and white? Probably not, I know you like black and white.