Pics of Lila... just because it's been a few days!

This picture is for people that knew me before I had Lila. I actually made this cake for Lila's Valentine's Day party at school. Shocking, I know.

Lila's Valentine's Day party at school. Not a good picture but the only one I have!

Circle time!
(Apparently this is her Valentine party dress!)

Lila's helping Daddy work in the yard!

Trying on Daddy's gloves

Tif experimenting with the color setting on the camera.

Princess Lila sitting in her room reading

Pretty girl!


"Flying" on the stairs with Daddy

Big girl!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. Hope you feel loved!



  1. Gorgeous girl and impressive cake!

  2. Yes, the whole baking and making goodies thing is still bit shocking but I'll get over it. Thanks so much for all the pics. They are great! And she's growing up so much. I love that particularly tickled look she has so often when Tiff is holding her.

  3. Lila is absolutely gorgeous! I just turned to computer to show her picture to my husband and said... WOW, she could be Sydney's sister.

  4. So sweet & the cake looked like it was yummy!!

  5. She is soooo beautiful! I love her Valentines party dress!