Pics- Valentine's Day Dance

Thanks to Annette and Haik we have a few pictures from the Valentine's Dance. The girls had such a good time!

Lila, Roxy and Ashley

The girls- we're missing Olivia!
Kelly, Ashley, Annette, Roxy, Linda, Lila and Josie!

Checkin' each other out!

I love this picture of Roxy- it's beautiful!

Enough pics! Lila's not havin' it!

Lila's out of here! See ya girls!

As Annette (or Haik) said, Power to my peeps!

I will be posting more pictures in a few minutes. I promise, Donna!



  1. Aww, I love these photos! A big Valentine squeeze to Lila from Aidan!

  2. How cute are those pics! Spunky thing eh? Love it. Glad you came by and I found a new blog to visit!

  3. What adorable girls! And how exciting, their first dance!!

  4. Ya know what? The moms are really beautiful, too!

  5. Such beautiful little girls! Again, I'm so sad we couldn't make it. :-(