Photos. In no particular order.

Lila's favorite thing ever- swinging!

Lila's trying to convince Ashley and Olivia that it's fun to hang out by the trash can and play with mulch!

Gotta love that happy smile.....

Justin and Lila

Love the determined look on Samantha's face

Lila working on PT- she just kept walking back and forth!

It looks like she's trying to blow the leaf off her forehead!

The next four pictures are showing my girl's skills. It may not seem like a big deal but it is to us. Three weeks ago she had absolutely no idea how to do this.

1st step
2nd step
3rd step

Success! She climbed up all by herself!

Hanging out at the casa reading mom's magazine.

Lila and Carla, her physical therapist.
"Mom- can we please leave now?"

Lila's favorite thing to do at PT- play with the weighted balls.
A little Lila update- the Zyrtec seems to be working. We haven't seen any side effects- yet- we're keeping a very close eye on her. She feels so much better! No more itchy eyes, no more itchy nose. A lot less congestion, a lot less coughing, no more sneezing. She can breathe now and that's a good thing! YAY!

I'll have to finish this up tomorrow. My bed is calling me.



  1. That is so exciting about her progress! It is so neat to see. I am glad she is feeling better too.

  2. Adorable of course. ALL of them! The leaf one is prob my fav. Then the one where she still has one leg under the other and she's concentrating hard to finish the turn around. Congrats on the climbing up. Way to go, Lila! How's the walking going? Is she doing more?

  3. Great pictures Linda! Lila is doing awesome. I love her new skills. Happy to hear she is feeling better.