Dear Lexi,

Tonight when I was helping Lila with her sight-reading I thought you were about 5 feet away from me in the hallway.  I heard you playing with the pinwheel, laughing.   

I never heard you crawl into the bathroom. 

 I never heard you dunk the spare toilet paper roll into the toilet.  

 I never heard you unroll the "working" roll of toilet paper.  

I had just checked on you!  The bathroom isn't that far from the kitchen table!  How did I miss all of that?

Next time you are being naughty please try to make a little more noise!




  1. Oh, how I feel your pain :-) Sarah is always extra quiet when she's making a mess..."Has anyone seen Sarah?" Famous question around our house ;-)

    Rochelle Wilson

  2. Soooooooooo....cute!!! Brings back memories of when the kids were toddlers and all their "escapades"! The things they can think of!!! But they do make for funny memories.....later! LOL

  3. I am trying so hard not to laugh. I know at the time it wasn't funny, but Miss Lexi is showing some spunk!