Sometimes I think we get so caught up 
in the adoption paperwork/update/chaos
 that we lose sight of the amazing fact 
that this beautiful little girl
 is officially going to be our daughter
 very soon!!

She already feels like our daughter so 
sometimes the paperwork is a bit annoying,
 to be honest.  
Today I am trying hard not to be annoyed 
with the delays and to focus
 on being thankful.    
 We have so much to be thankful for!

Thankful for the awesome gift of being her parents.

Thankful for the relationship we have with her birth family. 
  Thankful that we didn't leave Virginia 
any sooner than we did
because we would have missed out
 on her precious life.   
Thankful for God's timing in this situation, not ours.

So very thankful!


  1. And I am ever so thankful we have gotten the chance to know your family!!!! Lexi looks sooooo cute in that dress!!! Can't wait to see you guys soon.....when is that going to be?!?! :)

  2. Little Lexi is absolutely beautiful! Best of luck with all of the paperwork.