Dear December, I think I love you.

Okay, okay, so we're
only 2 days in but so far
December has been fabulous!
Here are some details,
and picture overload!
We started out the month
listening to Christmas music,
(yes, it's early for me) 
hanging our Advent calendar
and making Christmas crafts.

The first gifts of the season
are, as usual, from
our friends Ceil and Mac.

Sissy participated in the  
Ugly Sweater 5k
for Cerebral Palsy.
She loves the people
she works with like
I love her.
Heart and soul.

I certainly hope she won something.
Ugly doesn't begin to describe... 
Later in the day I had the pleasure
of attending a DS Mamas Holiday 
get-together with my friend Karrie.
Love her.

Bad lighting+cell phone photo follows.
We had such a great time I had to post it! 
Today we attended our local
Down Syndrome holiday party.
We had such a great time! 

Lila and her little buddy Cadence
found each other right away.
She was happy to socialize...

Lexi wanted to get right to the food!
Sweet girl loves to eat.

After dinner we walked to the 
front of the room to see Santa.
Well, some of us walked.
Lexi prefers running.

Lila loved her gift.
Santa must know she loves
Angelina Ballerina.  

Lexi took her bag
and high-tailed it
out of there.
I'm thinking the whole
Santa thing pretty much
creeped her out.

It was a good day.


I am one blessed mama.



  1. Awwww, all of them are such fabulous pictures, really, really good! Well, except for the Tiffani one. Tiffani, of course, is fabulous but where in the world did she find that lovely outfit?! And the earrings are just so her! Love it.

    I'm so glad you are having fabulous December. Praying the rest of the month is even better!

  2. Linda, it looks like your December is off to a great start! As always, beautiful photos of your beautiful daughters!

  3. Their hair looks FABULOUS in the Christmas party pictures!! Those curls just slay me :)

  4. Happy December! Gorgeous pix & that looks like a fabulous party. I chickened out of ours because my husband had to work and I'm too much of a wimp to wrangle the kids solo.