Daring to Dream

A few weeks ago Lexi's OT asked 
if she could interview me 
for a video she's putting together.  
She asked me if I had dreams 
for Lila and Lexi and if I would
 be willing to share them for the video.  
This kind of stuff always makes me 
so nervous I feel like 
I'm going to throw up.  

But my mind always goes back to 
a quote by Martin Luther King, Jr. 

 "Our lives begin to end the day we 
become silent about things that matter."

So I said yes. 

Do I have dreams for Lila
and Lexi?  


I want them to
 be happy. 
I want them to live
as independently 
as possible.

But more importantly,
I want them
to have their own dreams.
I want them to know that everyone
has something of value to give.
Everyone can make 
a difference. 
Everyone has the 
ability to help others.

There are no exceptions 
to those rules.

I want to instill a sense of 
self-worth in them.

Being careful how I talk to them.
Being mindful of how I talk  
about them,
especially in front of them.
Focusing on what they can do
instead of what they can't do.
Recognizing their talents
more than their limitations.

It's hard because it seems
the focus is always
 on their deficits.
What they can't do.
What they struggle with.
How far they are
behind their typical peers.
It's what we hear
all the time.
teachers, therapists,
counselors, psychologists,
doctors, nurses, etc.
It's their job 
to evaluate our kids
and tell us what's
"wrong" with them.

So we need to focus on
what's "right" with them.

I think before we can 
dare to dream for
our kids with
differing abilities,
we have to learn to
accept them
as they are. 

We need to focus on and
celebrate the little things.

Sometimes little things
 are all we have.      

Both of our girls can walk
and both of our girls
can feed themselves.

We don't take those things
for granted as we are reminded
that there are many people who
can't walk and/or feed themselves.      

Is it hard? 
Sometimes it's really hard.  
You have to let yourself feel:

the list goes on...

And then you have to 
shake yourself off and go on.
For the sake of your child.

Until it happens again.
And you let yourself feel it all again.

Acceptance comes in stages.
Acceptance is a journey. 

Dare to dream...


  1. Just what I needed to hear tonight! Beautifully said, Linda! Lila and Lexi have a fantastic mom (and dad and sibs!).


  3. I love this, Linda!!! I don't think anyone could have said it any better!!!