The darkness cannot put out the light...

This precious girl 
is in kindergarten.
6 years old.

She didn't go to school on Friday
because she wasn't feeling well.
If she would have gone to school
I'm sure I would have rushed
over after hearing the news
of the school shooting in Connecticut
and taken her out of school.
But I didn't have to.
She was already here.
I was able 
To hug her.
To kiss her.
To see that twinkle
in her eye as she tells me,
"I wipe your kisses off, Winda."
Because now she likes to
call me by my first name.

This sweet girl was sick too.
 She usually likes to run around
and be free.
She doesn't like to be held 
unless she is super tired.
Friday she wanted to be held.
She wanted to be snuggled.
And that was good because 
I really needed that.
To soak in her sweetness
as she rested her head 
against mine. 

This beautiful girl 
is one of my best friends.

 She is loyal beyond belief
and incredibly protective.
She loves her family.
She loves her baby sisters.
It wasn't a surprise to hear
the phone ring when the school
day ended on Friday.
She needed to talk to her family.
She needed to hear the voices
of her little sisters.

This awesome young man and
his wife are across the country.
 He called on Friday too.
We didn't get to talk
until Saturday.  
We talked about our sorrow 
and how our hearts feel like 
they are breaking 
for the families in
One of his latest Facebook
posts reflects his heart.
I am including part 
of it here.
"We need to love more, 
pray harder, and invest 
more time in a community. 
My heart simply aches 
for the tragedy of this day. 
Be well brothers and sisters 
and remember 
'The light shines into the darkness,
 and the darkness cannot overcome it.'
 Have hope. "

I will see them in
three days.
I can't wait.

It is the holiday season.
A time for family, for laughter,
for sharing, for hugs, 
for love.
A time when our family
celebrates the birth
  of our Savior.

Life carries on.
For us...
But not for some.

I will have all of
my kids home for Christmas.
I break down and cry because
those families will not
be together for Christmas.
I cannot imagine their grief.
Their pain. 

I would be lying if I
said I didn't feel guilty.

For being happy.  
For being able to
attend Christmas parties
with my family.
For being able
to hug my babies.

 Because they can't.
My heart aches
for them.

I cannot change this.
I cannot fix it.

But I can pray.
And I will.
 I can love.
And I will.

I can forgive.
And I will

 I can appreciate the
little things.
And I will.

I will not take my
blessings for granted.
And I will pray
for everyone affected
by this unimaginable
tragic event.

The darkness cannot
put out the light. 


For me, it's hard to go on 
with normal life without feeling guilty 
because I know others 
will never be able 
to do that again. 
Of course we have to go on
 with our lives 
but let's not stay the same as we were. 

 Let's love more, give more, 
pray more, forgive more. 
Let's honor the memories 
of those lost in the tragedy 
at Sandy Hook Elementary 
by letting our lights shine 
in the darkness. 

We cannot let the darkness prevail. 





  1. Through my tears, again, I want to say what an amazing shot of Lila that first picture is. Beautiful. She is so beautiful. And so sweet. And so smart! Winda. Cracks me up.

    Really good one of Tiff, too. Also Beautiful.

    I love you guys and I pray you have a blessed time together.

  2. That Lila .. Gorgeous. God bless you in the coming year.